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Gas & Oil Company Logo Gallery

Thanks for checking out the Gas Station Logo Gallery. This gallery is intended to serve the collector in identifying their favorite gas station brand. It's also intended to show you the vast number of brands that are operating in the US today. Even if you travel often, the number of brands that exist today is amazing!

Don't see your favorite brand here? Submit it!

A - Accel, Adium, Admiral, AL Prime, Aloha, Alon USA, Appco, ARCO, Atlantis Petroleum
Accel Gas Station Accel HQ: Winston-Salem, NC
  Territory: NC
Accel Stores website
8 Accel Locations


Adium Oil Company Logo Adium Oil Company HQ: Avon, MN
Founded: 1992 Territory: MN, IA, WI, SD, ND
Adium website
Adium Locations
  Related to: CarGo, Victory, Synergy


Admiral Petroleum Admiral Petroleum HQ: Coopersville, MI
Founded: 1956 Territory: MI
Admiral Petroleum website 165 Admiral Locaitons
Also operates a chain of discount tobacco stores.


  AL Prime Energy HQ:
Founded Territory: MA
AL Prime Energy website  


Aloha Gas logo Aloha HQ: Honolulu, HI
Founded: 1977 Territory: HI
Aloha website 80 Aloha Locations

Originally started as a jobber for Associated Oil. Markets gasoline under the "Aloha Gas" brand.


Alon USA logo Alon USA HQ: Dallas, TX
Founded: 1993 Territory: AZ, NM, TX, CO, OK, AR, LA
Logo Use:  
Alon USA website 1200 Locations
Markets Fina brand and operates 7-Eleven stores
  Related: Fina, 7-Eleven


Appco logo Appco HQ: Johnson City, TN
Founded: 1923 Territory: TN, VA, KY
Logo Use: 1985 - Present  
Appco website 58 Appco Locations

Appco branded stores, as well as Marathon, BP, and Citgo.


ARCO logo ARCO HQ: La Palma, CA
Founded Territory: AZ, CA, OR, NV, WA
Logo Use: 1970's - Present  
Arco website 1300 Locations
Currently owned by BP West Coast Products LLC.
  Related: BP


Atlantis Petroleum Atlantis Petroleum HQ: Wayne, PA
  Territory: PA, NY, NJ, MD
Atlantis Petroleum website Atlantis Locations
Markets Getty, Lukoil, BP, and owns Imperial brand.
  Related: Imperial Petroleum


B - Bell, Beacon, BJ's Gas, Bosselman, Boyett Petroleum, Brabham Oil
Bell Fuels Bell Fuels, Inc. HQ: Stickney, IL
Founded: 1946 Territory: IL
Bell Fuels website  
No retail station operations.


BJ's Wholesale Gas BJ's Gas HQ: Natick, MA
Founded 1984 Territory: CT, DE, FL, NC, GA, MD, MA, ME, NH, NY, NJ, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA
BJ's website 170 BJ's Locations
Operated at BJ's Wholesale Club locations.


Bosselman Travel Center Bosselman HQ: Grand Island, NE
Founded 1948 Territory: NE, IA, KS, SD, OK, NM
Bosselman website 7 Bosselman Locations
Sells Sinclair gasoline at Bosselman branded travel centers.
  Related: Pilot, Pump&Pantry


Boyett Petroleum Boyett Petroleum HQ: Modesto, CA
Founded: 1962 Territory: CA
Boyett website 36 Boyett Locations
Has Cruisers, Kwik Serve, Valero, Arco, Pacific Pride, and 76 branded outlets.
  Related: Cruisers, Kwik Serv


Brabham Oil Company Brabham Oil HQ: Bamberg, SC
  Territory: SC
Brabham Oil website 30 Brabham Oil locations
Owns Horizon brand
  Related: Horizon


C - Caltex, CarGo, Carl Bolch, Carroll Fuels, Casey's General Stores, Cenex, Central Petroleum Company, Certified Oil, Crescent Oil, Clark, Coast, Costco, Crown Central Petroleum, Crystal Flash, Cumberland Farms
Caltex Caltex HQ: Singapore
  Territory: Asia, Africa
Logo: 2001 - Present  
Caltex website Caltex Locations
Currently owned by Chevron
  Related: Chevron


CarGo Logo CarGo HQ: Avon, MN
CarGo website  
Managed by Advantage Brands
  Related: Adium, Synergy, Victory


CarolinaPetro CarolinaPetro HQ: Wilmington, NC
Founded: 1923 (Parent) Territory: NC, SC
CarolinaPetro website 36 Locations
A Worsley Company


  Carl Bolch Trackside Stations HQ: St. Louis, MO
Founded: 1934 Territory: MO, FL, AL, GA
Company relocated to Atlanta, GA in 1976.
  Related: RaceTrac, RaceWay


Carroll Independent Fuel Carroll Independent Fuel Co HQ: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1907 Territory: MD
Carroll Fuel Co website  
Independent outlets, also operates Citgo, Mobil, and BP branded outlets.


Casey's General Stores Casey's General Stores HQ: Ankney, IA
Founded: 1968 Territory: IA, IL, WI, MN, SD, IN, MO, NE, KS
Casey's website 1,448 Casey's Locations


Cenex Cenex HQ: Grove Heights, MN
Founded: 1931 Territory: AR, CO, IA, ID, IL, KS, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, OK, OR, SD, TX, WA, WI, WY
Cenex website 1,630 Cenex Locations


Central Petroleum Company Cen-Pe-Co Central Petroleum Company HQ: Cleveland, OH / Walcott, IA
Founded: 1911 Territory: North America
Central Petroleum website  
North America - Specialty Lubricant Manufacturer


  Certified Oil HQ: Columbus, OH
Founded: 1939 Territory: OH, KY, WV
Certified Oil website 90 Certified Oil Locations


Crescent Oil Company Crescent Oil HQ: Indianapolis, IN
Founded: 1893  
Logo Use: 1893 - present  
Crescent Oil website  
No branded locations.


Founded: 1932  
Clark website  


  Coast Oil Co HQ: San Jose, CA
Founded: 1935 Territory: CA
Coast Oil website 9 Coast Oil Locations
Also has Valero and ConocoPhillips branded outlets


Conveinent Food Mart Conveinent Food Mart HQ: Painesville, OH
Founded: 1958 Territory: OH, NY, WV, IN, MO, NE, NV, IL
Conveinent Food Mart website 325 Conveinent Locations


  Costco Wholesale HQ: Seattle, WA
Founded: 1983 Territory: 38 States
Costco website 500 Costco Locations
At Costco Warehouse locations.


Crown Central Crown Central Petroleum HQ: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1917 Territory: MD, VA, PA, SC, NC, GA, AL
Crown Central website 75 Crown Central Locations


Crystal Flash Logo Crystal Flash HQ: Indianapolis, IN
Founded: 1930 Territory: IN
Crystal Flash website 22 Crystal Flash Locations


Cumberland Farms Cumberland Farms HQ: Canton, MA
Founded: 1939 Territory: MA, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE
Cumberland Farms website 900 Cumberland Locations
Gulf & Exxon branded outlets


D - Delta Sonic, Dixie Oil, Double Kwik, Dubuque Discount Gas
  Delta Sonic HQ: Buffalo, NY
Founded: 1967 Territory: NY, PA, IL
Delta Sonic website 29 Delta Sonic Locations


Dixie Gas Dixie Oil HQ: Meridian, MS
Founded: 1959 Territory: MS, AL
Dixie Oil website 30 Dixie Oil Locations


Double Kwik Logo Double Kwik HQ: Wise, VA
Founded: 1960 Territory: VA, TN
Double Kiwk website 57 Double Kwik Locations
Sold in 2007 to FasMart


  Dubuque Discount Gas HQ: Dubuque, IA
  Territory: IA
  3 Locations
Sold to Road Ranger in 2007


E - Eblen Short Stop, Energy Mart, Enmark, Express Convience Centers, Express Mart, Exxon, E-Z Mart
Eblen Short Stop Eblen Short Stop HQ: Asheville, NC
Founded: 1930 Territory: NC
Biltmore Oil Website 6 Short Stop Locations
Biltmore Oil Company, Citgo Branded Stations


Energy Mart Stores Energy Mart HQ: Hendersonville, NC
  Territory: NC
Energy Mart Website 5 Energy Mart Locations


Enmark Enmark Stations HQ: Savannah, GA
  Territory: NC, SC, GA
Enmark Stations Website  


Express Convenience Centers Express Convenience Centers HQ: Combined Locks, WI
Founded: 1982 Territory: WI
Express Website 19 Express Locatjons
A division of U.S. Oil


Express Mart Logo Express Mart HQ: Barnhart, MO
Founded: 1930 Territory: MO
Express Mart Website 5 Express Mart Locations


E-Z Mart E-Z Mart HQ: Texarkana, TX
Founded Territory: TX, OK, AR, MO, LA
E-Z Mart Website

300 E-Z Mart Locations



F - Family Express, Fas Mart, Fast Lane, Fastrac, Fina, Flash Foods, F.L. Roberts, Flyers, Freedom, Freedom Valu Centers, Fuel Mart, FuelZ
Family Express Family Express HQ: Valpariso, IN
Founded: 1975 Territory: IN
Family Express Website 48 Family Express Locaitons


Fas Mart Fas mart HQ: Mechanicsville, VA
  Territory: CT, DE, MD, VA, NJ, NC, PA, RI, TN
Fas mart Website 210 Fas mart Locations


Fast Lane Logo Fast Lane HQ: Warrenton, MO
Founded: 1972 Territory: MO
Fast Lane Website 27 Fast Lane Locations
Owned by Warrenton Oil Company


Fastrac Logo Fastrac HQ: Rome, NY
Founded: 1998 Territory: NY
Fastrac Website 47 Fastrac Locations
Formed by a merger of the Bull Bros. Inc, Clark's Petroleum, and Glider Oil


Flash Foods Logo Flash Foods HQ: Waycross, GA
Founded: 1979 Territory: GA, FL
Flash Foods Website 164 Flash Foods Locations
Acquried Frazier Oil (1987) & Kwickie Foods (1991)


FL Roberts Logo F.L. Roberts HQ: Springfield, MA
Founded: 1920 Territory: MA, CT
F.L. Roberts Website 60 F.L. Roberts Locations
Stations branded Mobil, Exxon, and Sunoco


Flyers Logo Flyers HQ: Auburn, CA
Founded: 1979 Territory: CA
Flyers Website 15 Flyers Locations
Owned by the Nella Oil Co.


Flying J Logo Flying J HQ: Ogden, UT
Founded: 1968 Territory: 41 States & Canada
Flying J Website 250 Flying J Locations


Freedom Logo Freedom HQ: IL
  Territory: IL, FL
Freedom Website Freedom Locaitons
  Related: Owens


Freedom Valu Centers Freedom Valu Centers HQ: Hudson, WI
Founded: 1983 Territory: MN, MI, SD, WI
Freedom Valu Website 66 Freedom Valu Locations
AKA Erickson Oil Products, Inc.
  Related: Erickson


Fuel Mart Fuel Mart HQ: Wooster, OH
  Territory: IL, GA, IN, MO, SD, OH
Fuel Mart Website 16 Fuel Mart Locaitons
Brand of Ports Petroleum, Inc.


FuelZ FuelZ HQ: Trussville, AL
FuelZ Website FuelZ Locaitons
Brand of McPherson Oil Products

G - Gas City, GasKwick, Gate Petroleum, G&G, GoGas, Gulf
Gas City Gas City HQ: Frankfort, IL
Founded: 1966 Territory: IL, IN, FL, AZ
Gas City Website 75 Gas City Locations
  Related: Steel City


Gas Kwick GasKwick HQ: Tampa, FL
  Territory: FL
GasKwick Website  
  Related: Radiant


Gate Petroleum Gate Petroleum HQ: Jacksonville, FL
Founded: 1960 Territory: FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, KY
Gate Petroleum Website 225 Company Locaitons


G&G G&G Oil Company HQ: Muncie, IN
Founded: 1967  
G&G Oil Website  
  Related: Rockett Brand


GoGas GoGas  
GoGas Website  


Gulf Gulf  
Founded: 1901  
Gulf Website  


H - Holiday Station Stores, Holly, Hoosier Pete, Horizon
Holiday Station Stores Logo

Holiday Station Stores

HQ: Bloomington, MN
  Territory: MN, WI, MI, IA, MT, NE, ND, SD, WY, ID, WA, AK
Holiday Website 400 Holiday Locaitons



HQ: Dallas, TX
Founded: 1947  
Holly Website  


Hoosier Pete

Hoosier Pete

HQ: Muncie, IN
Founded: 1958 Territory: IN
Hoosier Pete Website 8 Hoosier Pete Locations
  Related: G&G Oil Company




HQ: Bamberg, SC
Founded: 2000 Territory: SC
Horizon Website 30 Horizon Locations
  Related: Brabham Oil


I - Imperial Petroleum, Inland
Imperial Petroleum

Imperial Petroleum

HQ: Wayne, PA
  Territory: PA, NY, NJ, MD
Imperial Website 8 Imperial Petroleum Locations
  Related: Atlantis Petroleum




HQ: Bainbridge, GA
Founded: 1968 Territory: GA, FL, AL
Logo Use  
Inland Website 24 Inland Locaitons
AKA Southwest Georgia Oil Company
K - Kent Kwik, Kum & Go, Kwik Serv, Kwik Trip
Kent Kwik

Kent Kwik

HQ: Midland, TX
Founded: 1957 Territory: TX
Kent Kwik Website 10 Company Locations
Some stations branded Texaco


Kum & Go

Kum & Go

HQ: West Des Moines, IA
Founded: 1959 Territory: AK, CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, OK, SD, WI, WY
Kum & Go Website 450 Kum & Go Locations


Kwik Serve

Kwik Serv

HQ: Modesto, CA
  Territory: CA
Kwik Serv Website 26 Kwik Serve Locations
Brand of Boyett Petroleum


Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip

HQ: La Crosse, WI
Founded: 1965 Territory: IA, MN, WI
Kwik Trip Website 307 Kwik Trip Locaitons


L - Liberty, LoneStar Food Stores, Lukoil


HQ: Sunbury, NC
Founded: 2000 Territory: NC, NJ, VA, MD, FL, WA, KS
Liberty Website  


Lone Star Food Stores Logo

LoneStar Food Stores

  Territory: TX
LoneStar Food Website 15 LoneStar Locations
Operated by the Douglass Distributing Retail Co.
  Related: Exceleron


Lukoil Logo


HQ: East Meadow, NY
Lukoil Website  
  Related: Getty


M - MacEWEN, Mirabito
MacEwen Petroleum Logo


HQ: Maxville, Ontario
Founded: 1950's Territory: NY, Canada
MacEWEN Website MacEWEN Locations


Mirabito Logo


HQ: Binghampton, NY
Founded: 1927 Territory: PA, NY
Mirabito Website 75 Mirabito Locations
Staions are branded Mobil, Sunoco, and Citgo. Also operates Quickway brand.
  Related: Quickway
N - nice n easy, NOCO Energy
Nice n Easy Logo

nice n easy

HQ: Canastota, NY
Founded: 1980 Territory: NY
nice n easy Website 80 nice n easy Locations


NOCO logo

NOCO Energy

HQ: Tonawanda, NY
Founded: 1933 Territory: NY
NOCO Energy Website 30 NOCO Locations


O - Olympian, OSCO Petroleum Services, Owens
Olympian log


Founded Territory: CA
Olympian Website 10 Olympian Locations
  Related: Flyers


OSCO Petroleum Services

OSCO Petroleum Services

HQ: Lemont, IL
Founded: 1932 Territory: IL
OSCO Website  


Owens Logo


  Territory: FL
Owens Website 3 Owens Locations
  Related: Freedom


P - Par Mar Stores, PDQ Food Stores, Petro South, Plaid Pantry, Planet, Presto, Pride, Pump&Pantry, Pure
Par Mar Stores Logo

Par Mar Stores

HQ: Marietta, OH
Founded: 1967 Territory: OH, WV, KY
Par Mar Stores Website 39 Par Mar Locations


PDQ Food Stores

PDQ Food Stores

HQ: Middleton, WI
Founded: 1949 Territory: WI, MN, CA
PDQ Website 46 PDQ Locations


Petro South Logo

Petro South

HQ: Griffin, GA
Founded: 1969 Territory: GA, FL, AL
Petro South Website 300 Petro South Locations


Plaid Pantry Stores Logo

Plaid Pantry

HQ: Portland, OR
Founded: 1960 Territory: OR, WA
Plaid Pantry Website 101 Plaid Pantry Locations




HQ: Greenfield, MA
  Territory: MA, VT, NH
Planet Website 9 Planet Locations
Brand of Rice Petroleum Distribution


Presto Stores

Presto Convenience Stores

HQ: Andover, KS
Founded: 1957 Territory: KS
Presto Website 40 Presto Locations
Branded Conoco or Phillips 66




  Territory: MA
Pride Website 16 Pride Locations


Pump and Pantry

Pump & Pantry

HQ: Grand Island, NE
Founded 1971 Territory: NE
Pump & Pantry Website 40 Pump & Pantry Locations
  Related: Bosselman


Pure Logo


HQ: Brandon, MS
Pure Website  
Brand now owned by the Southeastern Oil Jobbers Cooperative


R- RaceWay, Rockett Brand, Rotten Robbie
Raceway Logo


HQ: Atlanta, GA
Founded: 1934 Territory: GA, KY, TN, AR, AL, MS, VA, NC, SC, TX, FL
RaceWay Website RaceWay Locations
RaceWay is the contract brand of RaceTrac
  Related: RaceTrac


Rockett Brand Racing Fuel Logo

Rockett Brand

HQ: Glenview, IL
  Territory: USA
Rockett Brand Website  
Mfg. of Rockett Brand Fuels - Distributed via dealer network


Rotten Robbie Logo

Rotten Robbie

HQ: San Jose, CA
Founded: 1971 Territory: CA
Rotten Robbie Website 33 Rotten Robbie Locations


S - Site, Sondial, Spirit, Steel City, Stinker Stores, Super Pantry, SuperPumper, Synergy
Site Logo


Founded: 1929 Territory: MO, KS, IA, IL, MS, AK, OH, FL
Company Website 16 Site Locaitons
Some stations branded Shell




HQ: Bloomfield, NM
Founded: 1926 Territory: NM, CO
Sondial Website 12 Sondial Locaitons
Brand of the Dial Oil Co.


Spirit Logo


HQ: New Hope, PA
  Territory: CA, NC, LA, AZ, PA
Spirit Website  
National brand of the Petroleum Marketers Assocation of America


Steel City Logo

Steel City

HQ: Frankfort, IL
Founded: 1966 Territory: IL, IN, MO
Steel City Website  
  Related: Gas City


Stinker Stores Logo

Stinker Stores

HQ: Boise, ID
Founded: 1936 Territory: ID
Stinker Stores Website 46 Sinker Stores Locations
Branded Sinclair, Chevron, and Tesoro


Super Pantry Logo

Super Pantry

HQ: Champaign, IL
Founded: 1947 Territory: IL, IN
Super Pantry Website 50 Super Pantry Locations
Branded Mobil and BP


Super Pumper Logo


HQ: Minot, ND
Founded: 1983 Territory: ND, SD, MN, MT
SuperPumper Website 16 SuperPumper Locations


Synergy Logo


HQ: Avon, MN
Synergy Website X Company Locations
Owned by Advantage Brands
  Related: Adium, Victory, Cargo


U - U Gas, Union Gas
U Gas Logo

U Gas

HQ: Fenton, MO
Founded: 1977 Territory: MO
U Gas Website 14 U Gas Locations
Branded Phillips 66 & Texaco


Union Gas Logo

Union Gas

HQ: Phoenix, AZ
Founded: 1986 Territory: AZ
Union Gas Website X Company Locaitons
Also branded Pacific Pride, Union 76, Shell, Phillips 66
V - Victory
Victory Gas Logo


HQ: Avon, MN
Victory Website  
Owned by Advantage Brands
  Related: Adium, Victory, Cargo



W - WaWa
WaWa Logo


HQ: Wawa, PA
Founded: 1902 Territory: PA, DE, NJ, MD, VA
WaWa Website 570 WaWa Locations

Z - Zephyr Express
Zephyr Express Logo

Zephyr Express

  Territory: MO
Zephyr Express Website  
The logos and trademarks presented in this directory are for historical and reference use only. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
If information or corrections that will enhance this directory, please email them to Gas Station Directory Information.


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